Erect your concrete pillars easier and cheaper.

Sizes Model Normal (Four sides welded)
500 x 500 mm
600 x 500 mm
700 x 500 mm
Sizes Model PL-2 (Fold with bend in two sides)
250 x 500 mm
300 x 500 mm
350 x 500 mm
400 x 500 mm
500 x 500 mm
Shuttering Plates Schema
1.- Starting base
2.- Shuttering plate
3.- Corner Plate
4.- Look F-10

Why use FERMAR´S shuttering plates for columns?

  • FERMAR shutering pannels are manufactured in special steel thickness of 2 mm. Fully robotized welding.
  • Columns can be built from 0,25 up to 0,45 mts. For bigger dimensions plates union is required.
  • There are 2 models: welded (4 sides) and 2 sides bend.
  • Our system allows to combine 2 different dimensions to make rectangular columns.
  • Easy and fastly assembling.
  • Finishing by epoxy-poliester painture with antirust treatment.
  • Versatile system: Allows building pillars and small concrete walls (channelles, ditches,etc…).
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Want to know how use our shuttering plates for double pillars? And how to build small walls with modular shuttering?

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