NORM OF THE UNE EN 12810 * UNE EN 12811

Multidirectional Scaffolding Scheme
1.- Horizontal standard 7.- Skirting board
2.- Diagonal 8.- Metalic platform
3.- Ledget 9.- Double ledger
4.- Vertical standard 10.- Skirting board
5.- Starting collar 11.- Aluminium platform
6.- Jack screw 12.- Console bracket
Other Accessories
Rueda con Husillo Safety Belt
Sviwel Coupler S/En-74 Wall tie with hook
Poley Console Bracket
Aluminium platform with window Beam
Tube with coupler
  1. Place the starting collar on the jack screws. It is possible to connect the vertical standards directly over jack screws
  2. Connection of the jack screws by assembling the horizontal bars.
  3. Assemble the vertical standards on the jacks and relevant ledgers on which we will place the metallic and aluminium boards.
  4. Incorporate the diagonals and horizontal bars. They reinforce the structure of the scaffolding.
  5. Add safety guard-rails and skirting boards.
  6. Anchor the scaffolding by using wall ties or any other mean.

Why you should choose MultiFer Scaffold?

  • Manufactured in steel of high quality in tube of diam. 48 mm.
  • Hot galvanized finish.
  • 8 Connections per rosette.
  • Free choice of angles (up to 360º)
  • Rapidy assembly and labours saving time.
  • Suitable for any construction’s shape or façade.
  • Compatible with other manufacturers.
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