NORM OF THE UNE EN 12810 * UNE EN 12811

Scaffolding European Fer48 Scheme
1.- Jack Screw 9.- Pulley
2.- Scaffolding frame 10.- Aluminium platform with window
3.- Tube with coupler 11.- Lateral safety guard rail
4.- Diagonal 12.- Frame suplement
5.- Horizontal metalic bar 13.- Handrail foot
6.- Supplement crossbar 14.- Console
7.- Metalic platform 15.- Safety guard rail
8.- Skirting board
Other Accessories
Crossing frame Base plate
Sviwel Coupler S/En-74 Base support
Double Handrail foot Beam
Protection visor Assembling rail post
Safety Belt Scaffolding wheel (double bracke)
Wall tie with hook Console Bracket
  1. Place the jack screws in the ground and level vertically the jack screws with a support bar and a spirit level.
  2. Place the scaffolding frame on the jack screws and brace the frames with the diagonal and horizontal bars.
  3. Place the platforms and insert the safety lock in the frames and platforms. Use aluminium board platform with window and ladder to go up to the top level or different floors on the scaffolding.
  4. Place the transverse and horizontal skirting boards in position in order to avoid the falling of small things.
  5. Place the handrails on the outside of the scaffold, on the side where no work will be carried out.
  6. Check the entire structure and use our different anchorage systems to fix scaffolding to the face of a building: tubes with hook etc. The frames should be anchored at maximum height of 4 metres, and 6 metres, length.
  7. When we have reached the height marked, the so-called finish should be fitted in position (frame supplements, guard rail ends and guard rails).

Learn in this vídeo, how quick and easy it is to erecting a scaffold Fer48.

Why you should choose SCAFFOLDING FER-48?

  • Modular System of frames and gateways manufactured in steel of high quality in tube of diam. 48 mm.
  • Metal bars and diagonals in tube of diam. 42 mm, hot galvanized.
  • Fast and easy assembly by gravity connection system.
  • All kind of accessories to make easier and safe your work: handrails, skirting boards, console brackets, fix couplers and swivel couplers (Norm EN-74) etc..
  • Steel and aluminium antiskid platforms, class 4 and 5.
  • Coating with Epoxi-polyester painting, zinced or hot galvanised.
  • Indispensable in construction, building, façade rehabilitation requiring a certified scaffolding.
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