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Why you should buy our EUROPA’S wheelbarrow?

  • The most appropiated for construction. Its great depth makes it really suitable for the transport of liquids or not very dense solids.
  • Narrow and deep bucket design. It goes through the frame of a door and it is easy to use through the corridors of an scaffold.
  • Load capacity 110 lt or 4 cubic feet.
  • Posibility of lifting bucket in three points.
  • 3 types of wheels: pneumatic tyre, puncture proof wheel, rubber foam wheel.
  • Dimensions :

    • Maximum Length: 1480 mm
    • Maximum Width: 600 mm
    • Maximum Height: 540 mm
    • Bucket Lenght: 950 mm
    • Bucket Width: 545 mm
  • We offer custom made service for handles, colours, labels …


  • Bulk : Assembled and Disassembled Wheelbarrows
  • Assembled Wheelbarrows : pallet of 20 or 24 units
  • Disassembled Wheelbarrows : pallet of 60 or 100 units

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