Quality formwork system at very competitive prices.

Panel Sizes (Base x Height)
300 x 1800 mm
450 x 1800 mm
900 x 1800 mm
300 x 2700 mm
450 x 2700 mm
900 x 2700 mm
Phenolic Formwork Schema
1.- Panel 4.- Linking clamp
2.- Round nut 5.- Pin
3.- Allineation belt metal 6.- Wedge
Otros Accesorios
Scaffolding Diwidag Tie-rod Ø 17
Hexagonal nut Wiking wingnut
PVC Tube Pvc cone
Plastic stopper Variable inner corner
Crane hook Variable outer corner
Compesating panel Outer corner panel
Inner corner panel Infil Bar panel corner
Sorry, under construction.

Why use Phenolic Formwork Ness of Fermar?

  • Mixed boards of steel and wood.
  • High quality steel (S-275.JR)
  • Wood is specially treated with melamine.
  • Suitable for a concrete pressure of 5 Tn/m2.
  • It is easy to make large panels up to 25m2.
  • Easy and fastly assembling.
  • Good relationship quality-price
  • The elements of the system allow them to adapt to small brickwork and to large building work as well.
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