Heavy Metal formwork Panelón Series, the best option for large walls

Special Sizes (Base x Height)

Panels Sizes (Base x Height)
200×3000 mm
300×3000 mm
400×3000 mm
500×3000 mm
600×3000 mm
1000×3000 mm
500×1000 mm
1000×1000 mm
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Metalic Panel “Panelón” Schema
1.- Panel
2.- Linking clamp
3.- Crane hook
4.- Pin and wedge
Other Accessories
Diwidag tie-rod Ø 17
PVC Tube
Round nut
Hexagonal nut
Panel connector
Variable inner corner
Variable outer corner
Inner corner panel
Outer corner panel
Infil bar panel corner
Compensating panel
Sorry, under construction

Why use Formwork Heavy Series Panelón of Fermar?

  • Fully steel boards in 3 mm thickness.
  • Panels can be set horizontally and vertically, besides assembling different sizes .
  • The system allows the formation of large panels up to 15 m2 transportable by crane by means of the hoisting hook.
  • They are designed for a concrete pressure of 7 Tn/m2
  • Versatility and easy assembling with pin and wedge or with linking clamps and adjustable clamps
  • Linking Clamp allows to align these panels when there is ground unevenness.
  • Versatile system: the elements of the system allow it to adapt to a large range of building works.
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Want to know how to use our Heavy Metal formwork Panelón? And how to build heavy walls with this formwork?

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